Teknetics T2


We offer you a TEKNETICS T2 of the best and the latest gold and metals, cash and coins detectors and gold underground metal detector outstanding This device works on the integrated electronic work of a sophisticated, modern systems search system and helps its user to locate the presence of metals easily and with high accuracy The device works on the electromagnetic wave system, soil balancing system Alotomatki to work in most of the terrain and areas This device has a high professionalism of the detection of raw gold and precious metals as it contains sophisticated electronic technology And lightness in weight and ease-of-use and strength in performance even in the mineral soil. Making it the best compared with other organs

Parts and Components

  • Battery bag
  • Find the small tablet
  • Find great tablet
  • Headphones
  • Pregnancy
  • Bag batteries
  • home charger
  • Car charger
  • Catalog machine
  • A training DVD disc


  • Screen – LCD – large, clear
  • User interface with existing
  • Key to locate the target accurately Center
  • Automatic calibration Links
  • Dual filter to distinguish between minerals iron until Cancel
  • High sensitivity enables it to detect gold to depths of up to 1.5 meters and a half
  • It can be used in the mineral soil
  • Provider disc 11 inch Waterproof
  • Battery operated for 40 hours straight
  • Made in America – two-year warranty

Device Specifications

A metal Tknteks T to detect metal detector Teknetics T2 specializes in the detection of precious metals and the extraction of raw gold and treasures and burials Altkhaddlat cancellation of external stimuli and soil system Find the rapid detection system Illustrative system directly on the screen and sound on the type and depth of the target and his name Easy to use and work Up to a depth of approximately 150 cm Depending on the size of the target. American made

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