Seas of German factories put our efforts and our expertise For what is Useful and effective with high accuracy and a very unique technology to offer each of our customers who are accustomed Us on their access to Muckle is enforceable and effective, and so intense for their desire to acquire Accurate detectors highly effective and unique specifications enabling them To detect gold and treasures and burials and the heritage passed it thousands In this sense the years we offer each of our clients what is appropriate for their desire Through the developer device under long ages and years and stronger German factory Lorenz Z-1 device with a modern technology device It combines accuracy in getting smaller sizes of minerals Raw gold and strength to penetrate the depths to uncover what plant And buried a few meters up to 6 meters below the surface of the earth to be discovered with ease and accuracy Microchannel with the possibility of tariff and set to work in all types of soil, whatever the rugged terrain and soil

Device features Unit main device

  • Key device
  • run Key to calibrate the device on the soil
  • Key (SELECT)
  • To calibrate the device
  • program Key (MENU)
  • The key to control of the device
  • internal programming system Entrance to connect the battery
  • Entrance to connect tablets search
  • Entrance to connect the device to save the signal (saved images)

Find Tablets

  • Find 26 centimeter disc to detect small pieces – gold ore And the coins scattered shallow depth
  • run Key to calibrate the device on the soil
  • Find 35 centimeter disc to discover small sizes greater depths
  • Search disc 45 centimeters and is used to detect the small sizes of the depth Up to one meter below the soil surface
  • Find CD 1 × 1 meters up to a depth of 4 meters below the earth’s surface The advantage of ignoring the small sizes of metal – nails and pieces Iron dispersed in the soil
  • Search disc 2 × 1 meter to be installed easily and used to penetrate Depths of up to Devin at a depth of up to 8 meters of what has been buried – Effects and treasures
  • Cable Electricity 0.67 × 0.67 – 1 × 1- 1 × 2 and can be arranged into three Or 4 laps to detect an area of ​​up to 12 square meters
  • Electricity Cable 1 × 1 – 1.5 × 1.5 – 3 × 3 and can be arranged into three Or 4 laps to detect an area of ​​up to 12 square meters
  • 240-volt battery charger
  • The carrier arm of the tablets search
  • Conveniently belt for all users to easily carry the device and battery
  • USB device to store information and transfer of the mobile device

Machine Work

After connecting the device and prepare for the process of detecting device is switched And adjust the program for sensitivity and sound level lighting and tweak Find connecting it Aautamatekeya device is calibrated on the nature Soil and take a tour of the research and when you get a goal can be identified Using his GPS device GPS and save program Data and the process is done in this manner until the end of a journey to find The intended area. Taken a hard drive that has been storing information It (Flash Memory) and placed on the mobile device and through program Appendix analysis of the device are captured images to see the quality analysis Metal and discovered the extent of the depth, who is working on the program Showing images in spectral (3D) to get through it the fruit of our research


Additional accessories (CDs Search – Laptop – Search – big disk cables) All these fashion accessories Additional For the client Freedom in case any of them wanted to buy Where the device is available with basic accessories enough to get Results breathtaking

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