Fisher F75


The developer and the metal detector and gold targets sound system So is the developer of electromagnetic device that combines voice and vision through the screen. We offer you a gold and metal detectors Fisher F-75 of the best and the latest detection and the search for gold and metals, cash and coins and gold underground devices This device works on the integrated electronic work of a sophisticated, modern systems search system and helps its user to locate the presence of metals easily and with high accuracy The device works on the electromagnetic wave system, soil balancing system Alotomatki to work in most of the terrain and areas

  • Lightweight / and provides you with an ideal research environment
  • Strong performance and works with all the circumstances and determine the exact center of the target
  • LCD Display and clear, big and Digital to locate the target with high accuracy
  • Provider double filter careful to distinguish between minerals
  • You can read the results of the targets accurately through scientific screen
  • Ground ability to balance and adjust the soilbudget
  • You can save the settings from within the memory device
  • You can control the lighting of the screen to be convenient to see
  • Rechargeable battery operated for 40 hours straight
  • Double Disc DVD Anti-water in order to facilitate the search
  • Cover to save the device from the rain

Parts & Components

  • Digital LCD screen
  • Alert tones 2
  • The handle (pregnant) demountable
  • Headsets
  • Made in America
  • CD basic research
  • Use manual in English
  • Ensure that a one-year
  • Ensure manufacturers for a year

Device Specifications

  • Jhazaaml Alkahromagnattsa system, revealing the metal sound and image, SQL LCD screen.
  • You can control the lighting of the screen to be convenient for clear vision.
  • Reveals on small and large targets to depths of up to 2 meters maximum
  • Works in all circumstances and accurately identifies the target center.
  • Provider double filter to distinguish between minerals.
  • You can save the settings within the memory of the device.
  • Rechargeable battery operated for 40 hours continuously.
  • Double CD Anti-water, making it easier to use on the beach.
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Dedicated to catching the currency effects and and and gold exploration
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