Delta Premium

Feature Description

Detecting System

Works with six detection systems:

  1. Long Range Locator System
  2. Tracker Antennas System
  3. Ionic Search System
  4. Geophysical Search System
  5. Live Scan System
  6. 3D Ground Scan System


Specializes to detection: Gold, silver, copper, aluminum, tin, voids, gemstones, groundwater.


Search Depths are different from one system to another:

  • Long Range Locator System & Tracker Antennas System Depth is: Search depth up to 25 meters, the depth of the search can be chosen previously: 1m – 3m – 5m – 10m – 15m – 20m – 25m.
  • Ionic Search depth is: 15m
  • Geophysical Search depths is: 60m
  • Live scan & 3d ground scan depth is: 14m


Search distances are different from one system to another:

  • Long Range Locator & Tracker Antennas Systems Distance is: Search distance up to 1500 Meters, the distance of the search can be chosen previously: 10 m – 100 m – 250 m – 500 m – 750m – 1000m – 1500m.
  • Ionic Search distance is: 60 m
  • Geophysical Search distance is: Depending on the position of the wires.
  • Live scan & 3d ground scan distance is: Vertical search only.

Search Interface

Multiple and different, the data is displayed according to the system that selected for the search by it.

Determination of Depth & Location

The depth and location of the target are automatically detected on the screen with most systems.

Display Type

It has a high resolution 4.3 “color TFT screen, giving the user precise settings and integrated results about the search process.

General Settings Menu

Allows the user to adjust the following:

  • Adjust the sound at five different levels with silent mode.
  • Adjust the screen brightness: 5 levels.
  • Language settings: German – English – Arabic – French.
  • Set the time: Set the clock timing in the device.

Search Settings Menu

Allowing the user to choose the search system, adjust the criteria of each system and set it up for search.


Allows quick control to set the device and navigate through all search options and results, With quick shortcut buttons to adjust the sound and screen brightness.


Internal Li-ion batteries 7.4 volts, Full charge 8.4 volts, 3000 mA.

Battery Working Hours

6 working hours, with the appearance of the battery level on the screen.

Processing Type

Multiple Digital signals processing.

Dealing with Soil

The device can work in all kinds of soils and terrain and works by automatic calibration system with ground.

Device Weight

950 g. (compound)

Device Size

20x12x3 cm

Full Package Weight

5 kg

Full Package Size

50x40x15 cm

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