American Aldanon Group

We are the American Aldanon group leading company in the field of selling gold detectors and esoteric resources and the exclusive agent for major US and European companies specialized in this field. We have a long experience in this field,Therefore, we offer you the most powerful detection and prospecting equipment for gold and esoteric resources where we have a wide range of devices that operate multiple systems, including direct ground imaging system and electromagnetic detection devices and ultrasound detection devices.

Credibility in dealing, which is the main factor that we depend on, as we provide you with the original equipment in addition to a three-year warranty card with each device, and we also deal with the finest international shipping companies to receive the device as soon as possible after completing the purchase process without tampering with the tools and contents of the device.

We also have a dedicated support team in this field to also provide after-purchase services, respond to your inquiries, and provide support and guidance to you

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